Tomorrow is today

At Quimidex we project a better, cleaner, safer and healthier tomorrow for workers and users. This is the objective that motivates us to continue innovating in the world of professional hygiene and disinfection in sectors such as health, catering or food hygiene, where the levels of demand are increasing every day. Quality, sustainability and commitment.

We are committed to a sustainable world
At Quimidex we are convinced that the future of the professional hygiene sector is inexorably linked to the preservation of the environment and the quality of life of people. For this reason, we focus the efforts of our R&D department on the creation of sustainable, safe and healthy products.

Quality as a commitment
Self-demand in the quality of our products and services, their approval, absolute respect for the environment, health and occupational safety, and the traceability of our products and their components are part of our reason for being and constitute a permanent commitment with our clients.

We innovate thinking of you
At Quimidex we work to offer safe and efficient solutions to current needs and to be able to foresee the challenges of the future. We innovate thinking about the needs of society and those of our clients. But above all, we innovate by developing environmentally responsible products.

Our team as main asset
We offer customized solutions that arise from a global perspective. We have an experienced, highly specialized and committed team of professionals, a constantly evolving R + D + i department, exhaustive and certified quality control, fluent internal and external communication, and agile and efficient technical assistance.