Making life easier since 1994

Since its inception, Quimidex has worked in the search for advanced technology professional hygiene and disinfection products that have an impact on a higher quality of life for people, and do so with absolute respect for the environment. Throughout these years we have formed a team of highly specialized professionals committed to the values of the company, with the aim of offering a global service with high-quality, safe, approved products that respond to all the needs in hygiene and professional disinfection.

A different business relation
Our concept of professional hygiene goes beyond the mere supply of products. Our mission seeks to create and build stable and lasting relationships of trust with our clients and share with them the values that define us as a company: professional, sustainable, committed, flexible and effective.

At the forefront of technology
Our recognized approach to continuous improvement means that we maintain a very high level of investment in new technologies. Our production plant with advanced technology works with the highest quality standards and ATEX norms. We have our own control and physical-chemical laboratories for R + D + i innovation, production, packaging and storage rooms.

The distributor, our ally
Quimidex distributes its products in different countries in Europe and Africa. Through a global and continuous support system based on specialized attention, we form a team with our distributors to achieve common objectives, basing our relationship on communication, transparency and loyalty.

Always by your side
Our specialized staff guarantees a technical and commercial assistance system that guarantees the security, tranquility and confidence that our clients can have in the optimal performance of their facilities. On the other hand, continuous training plans, a fundamental part of our company's work system, also include our clients through specific technical courses.